As seen (again) on TV

All Growns Up

As someone who wants to work in television, I never regret the days I spent on the couch with the plot of “Breaking Bad” unfolding for the third time.
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Our TV Club

Mind the Gap

My mom gave me a lot of advice; advice from an infallible person is hard to say no to. But from Berkeley, I didn’t have to say no — she wasn’t there to record the shows.
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Television’s new golden age

Breaking down the highlights and snubs from this year’s Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards, much like their film, theater and music counterparts, are annually greeted with both excited buzz and exhausted indifference.
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When your lectures are webcast as television shows

It’s about that time in the semester when midterms are in full steam. And besides copious amounts of stress and anxiety building up, the lack of time to eat and sleep have also resulted in extreme hunger and tiredness. Every fiber of your being is telling you to hit the
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We are living in the Golden Age of Television

What’s your favorite TV show? This used to be a simple question. “The Twilight Zone,” I’d answer, nervously feigning some sort of classical intellectualism. My family didn’t have cable, and I felt obliged to answer with a series that was representative of what’s traditionally deemed the “Golden Age of Television”
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Netflix addiction: A tale of redemption

Do you sometimes stare at your television or computer screen for hours, searching for a new movie or show to stream? Have you exhausted all of the resources available on the “What’s Popular on Netflix” list? Have you already finished “Breaking Bad,” “Arrested Development” and “Freaks and Geeks”? If you
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