Protesters gather in Hong Kong with a central purpose

Plumes of smoke rose over Hong Kong’s central districts as riot police used tear gas, pepper spray and batons in clashes with protesters engaged in a long-planned civil disobedience movement Sunday to push for universal suffrage and various democratic changes — what experts are calling the largest such protest in
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Identity Crisis

Two Steps Forward

The American dream may end up being the end of the world. Roughly equivalent to the first-world dream, the American one can be summarized as having a lot of things you didn’t make. In order to fulfill it, one needs a house, a car, processed food, factory-made clothes and on
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Americans don’t need no royal family

Cultural Cadence

I don’t even know what a crumpet is. Some sort of scone-type thing? Who knows. It sounds like crump, as in crump dancing, which is cool but probably doesn’t go too well with tea. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who eats crumpets. It’s a British thing —
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5 fun ways to lose at trivia night

Last Wednesday, SUPERB hosted its British Invasion Bar Trivia Night at Pappy’s. While we imagine it would have been fun to win, we know some people just know more trivia than others. If you missed SUPERB’s event, or if you just didn’t win last week, never fear. Here are some
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