The sum of a band

Subtlety, of course, is the enemy of “rules,” those one-size-fits-all, dictatorial commandments that ensure that all over the country, newspapers are using the same style and process for sharing information. I understand the need for these rules, and most of the time, it saves a lot of confusion.
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A Catholic’s conundrum

Thanks to an abundance of crucifixion statues, we accustom ourselves to death early on, though our tiny bodies can’t yet comprehend the apex of human agony.
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Autechre astounds with five-part release ‘elseq’

Grade: A- After three years of letting 2013’s Exai settle, British electronic music duo Autechre has released its 12th studio album. To call the online release highly anticipated, or even long-awaited, wouldn’t really match the stride of the group’s public image. elseq 1-5 is a 21-track behemoth that inconspicuously popped
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Identity Crisis

Two Steps Forward

The American dream may end up being the end of the world. Roughly equivalent to the first-world dream, the American one can be summarized as having a lot of things you didn’t make. In order to fulfill it, one needs a house, a car, processed food, factory-made clothes and on
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Dispelling stereotypes

Worlds Collide

I will attempt to dispel of some stereotypes for you, all in the hope that you won’t one day be faced by the perplexed face of a Brit like my Wonka-loving housemate was.
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