‘Increase that sense of community’: UC Berkeley’s Black community resources

Emily Bi/Senior Staff

Tucked in the corner of the Hearst Field Annex building is the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center, one of the various resources for the Black community at UC Berkeley. As a part of UC Berkeley’s African American Student Development, the center serves the academic, social, cultural and political needs of the campus Black community.
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A movement to rename Barrows Hall

Imagine a dystopian world where a majestic statue of Stalin looms over the city of Berkeley with gleaming rays illuminating its glory in a heroic, celestial manner. That’s a completely absurd notion, but it can be agreed that monumental statues, portraits and buildings serve as manners of remembrance and honor
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Renaming elementary school would prove dedication to ending institutional racism

CITY AFFAIRS: Community must rename local elementary school to prove dedication to ending institutional racism and making marginalized community members feel comfortable

If John and Joseph LeConte — scientist and one-time UC Berkeley president, respectively — were alive today, they would be happy to see their name plastered on a Berkeley elementary school, a UC Berkeley science building and various street signs on Northside. But they would also be denounced for being
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