Live blog: UC Board of Regents discuss budget woes

The UC Board of Regents is set to meet at the UCSF Mission Bay campus Wednesday for the second day of a three day meeting, this time to discuss strategies to address UC budget woes. Below is a live blog of today’s meeting as it happens.

Some claim high pensions could deplete Berkeley’s funds

When Berkeley’s city manager Phil Kamlarz retired in November 2011, he took nearly a quarter of a million dollars in annual pensions with him, raising eyebrows over the current pension system and the security of Berkeley’s financial future. Kamlarz, who worked for the city for 36 years, will have an
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Rise in price of parking ticket fines increases city revenue

Amid criticism over an increase in the price of parking ticket fines in the city of Berkeley, recently released data shows that the city has in fact collected thousands of dollars more in parking ticket revenue this fiscal year compared to the same time last year. The city of Berkeley
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Future funding for city child care programs may be cut

The financial future of Berkeley’s public preschool and child care programs have been thrown into flux now that Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for the upcoming school year has been released. Though the state’s proposed cuts presented in January will not be finalized until the budget revision in May, the
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Cuts to local school district possible if tax hike rejected

The Berkeley Unified School District could see cuts totaling more than $3.2 million if Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax hike is not approved, based on the proposed state budget for 2012-13. At its meeting Wednesday, the district’s Board of Education discussed several scenarios for how the district — which has a
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Educate yourself about the cuts

This is just a quick quiz to tell if the budget cuts affect you. Have you ever or do you currently: attend a public school? Use public transportation? Enjoy public libraries, swimming pools, parks or infrastructure? Hope that future generations will have access to these things as well? If you
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