‘Motivated by extreme prejudice’: Berkeley community reacts to Buffalo shooting

photo of people walking on sproul
Caroline Lobel/Staff
Following the shooting in Buffalo, New York as well as subsequent mass shootings around the United States, city and campus officials responded with opinions on gun regulations, racial motivations of the attack and statements of solidarity with the victims.

All eyes turned to New York May 14, when 10 people were killed and three injured at a supermarket in Buffalo, a massacre some alleged to be racially motivated with 11 out of 13 victims being Black.
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Illustration of a buffalo leaning down to sip water from the Niagara River, with the Niagara Falls in the distance

The regrettable opacity of toponymy

While language may seem to change rather quickly, toponyms, or place names, tend to last. People often care deeply about them, making them so entrenched in the culture of a place that they can outlive whole civilizations.
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