How to handle creative burnout

Photo of messy art supplies
Caroline Lobel/Senior Staff

For anyone who regularly thinks creatively, you could find yourself staring at a blank page every once in a while. Every artist in their career experiences creative burnout and moments where you struggle to find even one new idea. Luckily for you, we have found some tips to help you finish your next big piece.
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An escapism detour

It's a Chronic Thing

When my own body starts to feel less like a home than ever, I will gladly escape into my favorite things for a while.
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I really hate to do this, but

It’s a Chronic Thing

Pushing yourself to the point of burnout seems to be an expectation in college. I mean, we’re all consuming copious amounts of caffeine, right?
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Photo of Christmas decorations and stockings

Why you should awaken your Christmas spirit this year

Now this is a time of year that I associate with hitting essay word counts, dreading final papers and exams and, of course, rummaging through all my notes so that I can be as prepared as possible for finals.However, now more than ever, it is so very vital that we as Bears try to embrace the Christmas spirit.
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