Time to rebuild on Telegraph

CITY AFFAIRS: Plans to reconstruct the burned-down building on Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street are promising, but must come to fruition.

More than a year since two beloved eateries and dozens of apartment units near campus burned to the ground, feasible plans to rebuild finally seem to be progressing. Recently, the owners of the building that formerly stood on the corner of Haste Street and Telegraph Avenue submitted a proposal that
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Telegraph’s critical juncture

CITY AFFAIRS: Nearly one year after a Telegraph Avenue building burned, taking two popular eateries with it, progress is moving too slow.

How long will the lot formerly home to Raleigh’s and Cafe Intermezzo remain empty? About 10 months ago, the site — which housed apartments in addition to the beloved eateries — was ravaged by a fire and later demolished as a result of the damage. Since then, little progress has
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