Bear Necessities: Coffee at Cal

Who doesn’t like to go to cafes that feel like home? Developing friendships, meeting new people, thinking of home and even for a simple break from studying, join Muskaan as she talks to some people about their most amazing memories at different Berkeley cafes.

A weekend in Wien: Exploring Vienna, Austria

As you walk through the city of Vienna, the magnificent baroque buildings on every block give it a sense of poise and beauty that no other European country can match. Not only is it gorgeous to behold, but the food scene is what truly stole my heart.
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When you go to UC Berkeley: #JustBerkeleyThings

As UC Berkeley students, there are some things that are just special to us. For example, KiwiBots, Sproul, Free Speech and more are just part of our Berkeley experience. We’ve all seen and heard of those “justgirlything” quotes and photos. Well, we at the Clog are here to present you with “justberkeleythings”.
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