City looks at past, future of Telegraph Avenue

For many Berkeley residents, the Downtown area serves as a transportation gateway to the rest of the Bay Area. But while Berkeley residents have been using Downtown as a portal out, others in the Bay Area have been coming in, settling down and calling it their new home — leaving
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Thumb Wars: The Great Divide

Is Northside or Southside a better place to live in?

Team Northside The immediate response for many people when faced with Northside as a living option is that it’s too far from everything else, i.e. Southside. I’ll admit that was my original stance. But after living in the nether region north of campus for the past nine months, I’ve come
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Rising businesses keep area vibrant

Measure S ensures safety of students

Perhaps nothing symbolizes the changes in the economy more than what we all see on Thursday evenings with the “Off the Grid” food trucks. Food trucks are a hot, growing phenomenon all over the country and they are now here on Telegraph every Thursday evening. Hundreds of people come to socialize on the sidewalks and street while enjoying a tasty meal. Our challenge, which we are still working on, is how to meaningfully tie Telegraph as a destination into such a fun event. Some individual merchants have done so already. Moe’s Books has poetry readings many Thursday evenings and Caffe Mediterraneum has interesting coffee tastings in front of their café during “Off the Grid.”
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Caffe Med receives approval to sell beer and wine

After receiving the go-ahead to operate 24 hours a day this summer, Caffe Mediterraneum now has preliminary approval from the city of Berkeley to sell beer and wine. For Craig Becker, owner of the cafe and president of the Telegraph Business Improvement District Board, seeking the new beer and wine permit
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Pepe’s Pizza applies for beer and wine permit

There are plenty of pizza parlors in Berkeley, but one particular Southside establishment has decided to expand its menu in order to appeal to more customers who are looking to enjoy their pizza with a beer. Since opening last March, Pepe’s Pizza — located at 2516 Durant Ave. — has
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Caffe Mediterraneum applies for beer and wine license

As the push to reinvigorate the late-night atmosphere of the Telegraph Avenue commercial district continues, Caffe Mediterraneum owner Craig Becker — who obtained a permit this summer to keep his establishment open 24 hours a day — recently applied for another license to serve beer and wine. When the city
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