Berkeley City Council approves Southside streets redesign

Photo of Telegraph Avenue
Theo Wyss-Flamm/Senior Staff
The Berkeley City Council's approval of a Southside redesign includes new bus lanes on Bancroft Avenue, bikeways on Fulton Street and Dana Street, and widened sidewalks on Telegraph Avenue. The possibility of eliminating private vehicles on Telegraph Avenue remains under consideration, with conflicted input from students and business and property owners.

Berkeley City Council approved the creation of new bus lanes, bikeways and widened sidewalks in south Berkeley at its regular meeting Tuesday. 
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Photo of Sather Gate

Things to look forward to this upcoming in-person semester

After more than a year of remote instruction, UC Berkeley finally announced its plans for a fully in-person fall 2021 semester, leaving many students with a mixture of excitement and dread. As a rising junior who spent my sophomore year in my childhood home all the way across the country in North Carolina, I’ve only had roughly a year’s worth of a true UC Berkeley experience. Nevertheless, the impending return to campus has inspired me to reminisce on aspects of college life that I miss dearly. Here are six things I’m looking forward to — and vow to never take for granted again — as we prepare for an in-person academic year! 
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It’s a different time

Off the Beat

I have always been keen on maximizing my time. I want to make the most of college, so I try to make the most of each month, each week and each day.
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