‘A perfect breeding ground for COVID’: UC Berkeley residence halls enforce mask mandate, strive to prevent outbreaks

Photo of Blackwell Hall
Charlene Wang/Staff
As the flurry of student move-ins comes to an end, many are concerned about the potential for another COVID-19 outbreak. However, UC Berkeley administration has instituted guidelines and policies to ensure student safety and reduce the possibility of a superspreader.

Amid continued safety concerns, UC Berkeley enforced three COVID-19 related housing protocols as several thousand students moved in last week.
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Illustration of Wheeler Hall

Best of Berkeley: Campus 2021

UC Berkeley is home to more than 20 libraries sprawled across campus — large and small, known by many and known by few. When it comes to which is best, it’s difficult for Doe Memorial Library to not come out on top.
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UC Berkeley student housing stories: Senior year

hree years ago, members of The Daily Californian interviewed five campus freshmen about their housing situations and checked in with them every year following. This year, the Daily Cal re-interviewed the five students, now campus seniors on the brink of graduation, for the last time in this series to find out what they have learned over the past four years.
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