UC Berkeley can’t cut corners when it comes to feeding its students

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus’s new meal plan undermines the administration’s goals to combat food insecurity.

How many meals a day should a UC Berkeley student get to eat? Nutritionists (and anxious parents) might say three. Busy students might argue that they’d be fine with just two — especially if it means they can sleep through breakfast. The campus, however, seems to think that students only
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Cal Dining replaces meal points with meal swipes

“The decision was made to be more aligned with the food services other UC campuses offer,” campus spokesperson Adam Ratliff said in an email. “It is important to note that for all Meal Plans, when dining in residential commons, students must use all meal swipes, then they may use their flex dollars.”
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Building our fair campus food system

UC Berkeley is experiencing an unprecedented surge of interest in food. Our campus is a complex and dynamic food system, responsible for meeting the needs of more than 41,000 students, 1,500 faculty, 8,800 staff members and 750 lecturers. And yet, as passion for food and justice grows across campus, many still encounter major obstacles to diverse, equitable and inclusive participation in the campus food system.
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