Cal Football player and opposing team player clash on the field

Cal football revenue shouldn’t come at the cost of its student-athletes

CAMPUS ISSUES: Cal football players deserve to be protected from the long-term health risks their sport exposes them to

Football players are at a high risk of developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy — a degenerative disease that results from repeated trauma to the head. Football is a key source of revenue for the campus athletic department, but should this money really come at the cost of its students’ welfare?
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Cal football celebrates a memorable season

The 2018 Cal football season saw the Bears clinch a bowl berth for the first time since 2015. The team’s unwavering grit and strength throughout the year was illuminated through improved fan attendance and a rejuvenated defense on the field. From Cal’s first home game against North Carolina to the
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A farewell letter to game days

Dear game days: Our love was a great one — intense, emotional, and quite often painful. You’ve caused us a lot of physical injuries, from sunburns to inexplicable bruises to debilitating hangovers.
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