Conservatives against history

The Devil's Advocate

It looks like Rick Santorum — who said Monday that most of California’s public universities don’t offer American history courses — isn’t the only Republican making things up about the University of California curriculum. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed last Saturday called “How California Colleges Indoctrinate Students,” Hoover Institution fellow
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Breadth requirements

HIGHER EDUCATION: A report stating that a University of California education is compromised by liberal bias is off-base and misleading.

A dominance of liberal thought in academia is difficult to refute, as is UC Berkeley’s history as a hotbed of progressive ideas and discourse. But these admissions do not devalue the high quality of education at University of California campuses, as suggested by an April report to the UC Regents. The
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Report: Leftism at the UC leads to skewed education

Liberal faculty and politically correct thinking at the University of California has resulted in students receiving a decrepit and biased education, a report released this month by a conservative think tank claims. An April report released by the privately funded California Association of Scholars entitled “A Crisis of Competence: The Corrupting
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