In first budget proposal, Gov. Gavin Newsom shows his commitment to students

STATE ISSUES: Gov. Gavin Newsom set himself apart from his predecessor with his $1.4 billion increase to higher education in his first budget proposal. We just hope this trend continues.

Emily Bi/Staff

Last week, newly-elected Gov. Gavin Newsom released his budget proposal for the next fiscal year — one that includes greater investments in California’s future with a clear commitment to equality. After former governor Jerry Brown’s disappointing last term, it’s refreshing to see that Newsom is already keeping his promises to his constituents.
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Election 2014 Endorsements: State propositions

Vote yes on Proposition 1 Proposition 1, the 2014 Water Bond, would enact the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014. The proposition offers a $7.12 billion bond for the development of California water supply infrastructure. Replacing the $11.14 billion Proposition 43, which Gov. Jerry Brown called “pork-laden,” we
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