Incarceration to convocation

Life after solitary confinement: How education paved the way for Danny Murillo

Danny Murillo is one of thousands of formerly incarcerated persons struggling to re-enter society. How does someone like Murillo, who statistically should be back behind bars, end up at a place like UC Berkeley?
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Protesters support prisoners’ hunger strike

About 15 protesters gathered at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue on Monday in support of a hunger strike by Pelican Bay State Prison inmates in solitary confinement. In February, prisoners at Pelican Bay announced that on July 8, they would resume their ongoing hunger strike protesting the solitary confinement conditions
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Cut UC, fund prisons

The Devil's Advocate

As California attempts to weather its current fiscal crisis, sacrifices will have to be made. The budget will need to be cut, and taxes may need to be raised. But we must carefully consider whom we will ask to sacrifice. We should be able to ask our state universities —
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