Finding free speech in the wrong places

Graham Haught/Staff

Our campus maintains no shortage of pride in the Free Speech Movement — that period of glorified resistance that paired disgust for the social and political conditions of the time with unbridled optimism that students could be agents of change. At its best, the Free Speech Movement united students who
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Why California needs an oil tax

The tax would raise money to invest in our state’s future

Education is suffering. The economy is forcing too many people to rely on government assistance, and we are not doing enough to promote renewable energy. We have a problem when California, the ninth largest economy in the world, has a 9.8 percent unemployment rate. Enrollment at California community colleges has
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UC Berkeley students initiate campaign for oil tax

UC Berkeley students have initiated a campaign for an oil tax to generate funds for education among other government entities. Californians for Responsible Economic Development – the student-run committee – hopes to repeat the success of Proposition 30 by focusing on mobilizing students.
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