A nonresident cap won’t solve education inequality

UC AFFAIRS: A quick fix to inequity in education access is enticing, but not realistic. We oppose the nonresident cap.

Illustration of hands picking up people from across the globe
Jericho Tang/Staff

Student culture benefits from a diverse student body composed of people from all backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and geographic origins. Instead of feeling pitted against one another based on where they are from, students should be able to celebrate the opportunity to learn with peers from all over the planet.
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Illustration of blueprint turning into a house

Amid housing crisis, CA must pass SB 9

STATE AFFAIRS: Housing in California is a precarious balancing act, and SB 9 could tip the scale in the right direction.

A statewide end to single-family zoning might be exactly the bold change that will keep California afloat. By 2025, California will need 1.8 million new homes to meet demand. SB 9 could be another crucial step toward reaching this goal.
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Cesar E. Chavez Student Center

CA State Legislature approves bill granting aid to student parents

As students and parents alike grapple with the unprecedented demands of online education, the California State Legislature has passed a bill that would increase public aid for student parents, allowing college students with dependent children to more easily benefit from the state’s California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids, or CalWORKs, program.
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