Revenge: a dish best served cyber

Sex on Tuesday

You’ve been with your partner for a while now, and you’ve been looking for ways to spice things up. Handcuffs and blindfolds? Done it. Butt play? Blase. Y’all are even on the elusive mile-high club. Then, the fateful question: “Want to film a porno?” You chew your lip and worry
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Title IX about more than college athletics

What is Title IX? Whenever people, even professors, talk about Title IX, they talk about sports. Title IX has done wonderful things in the world of women’s sports without a doubt. Still, most people think Title IX is only for sports. In reality, Title IX is much broader than that.
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Finding free speech in the wrong places

Our campus maintains no shortage of pride in the Free Speech Movement — that period of glorified resistance that paired disgust for the social and political conditions of the time with unbridled optimism that students could be agents of change. At its best, the Free Speech Movement united students who
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A win for California’s poor

Although the state’s poorest have languished in recent years as California’s budget has been cut deeply, the State Legislature’s vote to increase the minimum wage to $10 by July 2016 is a serious sign of progress.
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Off the beat: A state and a people divided

I’ll be the first to admit the attitude I developed toward state politics as child was certifiably starry-eyed. I grew up near Sacramento, and it was hard not to be awed by the big white dome downtown. Of course we all grow up, and in politics we grow up fast.
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Students should not be used as political pawns

One of the surest ways to catch a weak argument is by noticing a pervasive ad hominem within it. An op-ed written by students Andrew Albright and Paul Murre titled “Students must stand together against corporate America’s attack on the middle class” is founded in this notion that some big,
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This is our house

HIGHER EDUCATION: A bill passing through the state Legislature that gives students more power over fee creation is the right move for California.

As the cost of public education in California continues to soar despite decreased state contribution, all three of its institutions of higher education must adapt and give students an increased say over how their money is spent. A bill authored by state Senator Michael Rubio facilitates just that. Legislators should
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A cornerstone for success

HIGHER EDUCATION: An open source textbook library that would be available to students free of charge is a promising step toward the future.

When protesters chant, “No cuts, no fees. Education should be free,” they aren’t necessarily talking about the books students read for their classes. But the very real prospect of a freely available, open source textbook library in California inches public colleges in the state closer to that goal. Two bills
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Realigning the criminal justice system in California

On Oct. 1, 2011 the California criminal justice system began a massive reform involving transferring responsibility for managing convicted offenders from state to local agencies. Known as “realignment”, this change was proposed by Gov. Brown and endorsed by a majority of the Democrats in the Legislature. Almost all the Republicans
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