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HIGHER EDUCATION: A bill passing through the state Legislature that gives students more power over fee creation is the right move for California.

As the cost of public education in California continues to soar despite decreased state contribution, all three of its institutions of higher education must adapt and give students an increased say over how their money is spent. A bill authored by state Senator Michael Rubio facilitates just that. Legislators should
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State Senate bill proposes to increase CSU student influence over fees

A California state senator is pushing for legislation that would require California State University campuses to receive approval from students for campus-based mandatory fees. The bill — authored by State Senator Michael Rubio, D-Bakersfield — advanced last week through the Senate Education Committee and would require campus-based fees to pass through a
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UC President pushes for passage of Brown’s tax plan

UC President Mark Yudof has turned away from his traditionally “politically agnostic” stance by taking a more active role in protecting the university from future cuts through the political process. Last year, Yudof issued a statement expressing his support for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax extension budget just two days before Brown conceded
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CSU plans to drastically restrict enrollment for spring 2013

The California State University plans to accept no new students at most of its campuses for the spring 2013 semester and place all fall 2013 applicants on a waitlist, a top CSU administrator said Monday. According to Robert Turnage, the CSU assistant vice chancellor for budget, the plan would close
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A quantitative question

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The University of California should allow students to state their sexual orientation. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

Diversity remains a hot topic across the University of California system. At UC Berkeley, for example, the Division of Equity and Inclusion oversees initiatives to better serve students of all backgrounds. A plan that would ask new UC students to state their sexual orientation is a positive step toward further
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Gov. Jerry Brown announces newly revised tax initiative

After negotiations with the Restoring California Coalition, Gov. Jerry Brown announced Wednesday that has rewritten his tax initiative in an effort to clear out competing initiatives from the upcoming November ballot. The new version would increase the proposed tax on Californians in the highest annual income bracket — $500,000 for
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Future UC students may be asked to declare sexual orientation

Future University of California students may be asked to disclose their sexual orientation upon accepting an admissions offer to a UC campus. Recent legislation and efforts to obtain this information were introduced with the goal of improving campus data and resources available for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual
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A revealing referendum

HIGHER EDUCATION: Students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo have illustrated the absurd situation public education faces in California.

Momentum builds in different ways. Yesterday, the state of California saw thousands rally at the Capitol. Students from across the state stood side-by-side with administrators, politicians and others to show that they, together, needed to reinvest in public higher education. Last week, sans large-scale protest, students at Cal Poly San
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