2012 State ballot measures: A legislative wake-up call

The Critic Who Counts

Seriously. Can the state Legislature please just figure it out? With about 30 weeks of time for legislative action in 2012, you’d think California’s representatives in Sacramento could get a few things done. But you’d be wrong. This year’s official voter information guide is almost 150 pages long. No, it
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UC Berkeley lawyer sworn in to California Supreme Court

UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu was sworn in to the Supreme Court of California today at a ceremony on the State Capitol, after having been confirmed at a hearing yesterday. Liu received unanimous confirmation from a three-member panel at a hearing in San Francisco yesterday in front of the
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UC Berkeley law professor confirmed to California Supreme Court

The Commission on Judicial Appointments voted unanimously to confirm UC Berkeley professor of law Goodwin Liu’s appointment to the Supreme Court of California. Colleagues from the UC Berkeley School of Law, as well as members of the business and legal community, spoke about his dedication to the legal profession, his
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