Photo Essay: Wildfire Smoke

On Wednesday, California residents woke up to their cities enveloped in a dark, orange-red sky, thick with particles of smoke. Though the orange-red hue morphed into a heavy, pale smog later in the day, the atmosphere demonstrated just how alarming climate change is. In the apocalyptic, orangish light that foreshadowed
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On sexting

Sex on Tuesday

Four months or so after the phone fucking began, we got a chance to see each other. She came to Southern California, and we left for the lower mountains.
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We need to use modern technologies to prevent wildfires

Uncontrolled, large-scale fires are growing in number and will increasingly affect more communities beyond the immediate fire zone. These fires will continue to threaten countries around the globe and drain their resources until effective fire-management protocols are in place. With California at the center of this problem, we must look
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Settled in myself

Off the Beat

Three summers ago, I stood in my neighborhood and watched a strip of fire burn on the distant mountainside across the San Fernando Valley. Last winter, we felt the threat of fire as dry winds blew our windows open and the Thomas Fire burned in nearby Ventura County. With each
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California inmates are fighting fires with meager pay and preparation. This is modern-day slavery

STATE ISSUES: The state cannot continue putting incarcerated individuals in the path of California’s deadliest fires, justifying inhumane and exploitative working conditions

In the last few months, thousands of firefighters have mobilized to fight the deadliest wildfire in California history. These individuals put their lives on the line. And hundreds of them are paid only $1 an hour for this brutal work, are minimally trained and end their shifts in chains. They are California inmates.
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