Poetic Pontification: On poetic freedom

At 17, Alameda County Youth Poet Laureate Zoe Dorado has a lot to say. She is the guest of this week’s episode and offers her view on the role of a poet laureate, and her place as a person of color in the poetry world.

Photo of an open notebook and pen on a table

A letter to younger myself

I’m you five years from now. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to stop and smell the roses, and I realized if there’s anyone who needs to hear this, it’s you. 
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Illustration of a sweater-wearing bear walking, with a coffee cup, through Sproul Plaza and listening to music.

Why you need a morning ritual

Considering the chaos of the outside world and the toll it takes on our energy levels throughout the day, it’s vital to treat your time in the morning as an opportunity for rejuvenation and restoration.
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photo of 3 essential oil bottles of Jasmine Oil

Quiz: Which relaxation technique should you try?

Even though it’s summer, it’s not easy for students to unwind. Many of us are taking summer classes, completing internships and participating in extracurricular activities, which makes it harder for us to sit down and relax. If you are in this boat and wondering what you can do to feel calmer and less anxious, take our quiz to get some suggestions!
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