Temporary restraining order halts encampment eviction in Emeryville

Photo of Ashby/Shellmound encampment
William Webster/Staff
A temporary restraining order was issued to the city of Emeryville on April 19. This preliminary injunction was filed by homeless advocacy organization Where Do We Go? Berkeley, halting the city's plans to evict residents of the Ashby/Shellmound encampment.

The city of Emeryville was served a temporary restraining order April 19, halting its efforts to evict residents of the Ashby/Shellmound encampment.
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City of Berkeley officials organize Interstate 80 underpass cleanup

On Feb. 29, the city of Berkeley Mayor’s Office organized a cleanup of the area under the underpass on the east side of Interstate 80 and University Avenue for the homeless community residing there. The cleanup effort had more than 20 people assisting, including Mayor Jesse Arreguín, city Councilmembers Sophie Hahn and Rigel Robinson, city staff and homeless service organizations.
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