Selecting successors

Confessions of a moderator

I wanted to select people who could carry the legacy I had cultivated, but I knew it would be hard to tell how someone would do an unfamiliar job.
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How to leave your mark

We are standing at the edge of an abyss. The abyss is graduation. The abyss is the postgraduation job search. The abyss is phone calls and emails and job fairs and LinkedIn. But most of all, the abyss is a simple question: Can I do it? Last fall, I decided
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CalTV Comedy crafts original sketches for online station

A group of four students walks down Dwight Avenue, west-bound.  Between them, they carry two cameras, PVC pipes, multiple shopping bags, and a flurry of costumes.  Rain starts to fall. As others on the street take out their umbrellas and seek shelter indoors, these four are unaffected by the adverse
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