Whole Foods sued by current, former employees over dress code

Whole Foods Market Berkeley
Cesar Ruiz/Staff
Whole Foods is facing a class-action lawsuit, as former and current employees allege that the company terminated workers or made them feel unwelcome for wearing attire supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Current and former Whole Foods employees filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against the company for allegedly barring them from wearing Black Lives Matter attire at work.
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Would you rather: sex or love?

2 cents on 2 sides

When I tell friends the tale of my summer romance, it seemed torn out of a Nicholas Sparks novel: In the beautiful city of Cambridge, a liberal California girl falls for a Southern, conservative, Ivy League boy who folds her clothes before they fall asleep together in a cuddling position
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Daily Cal Abroad

Studying abroad is a sure-fire way of enriching your college experience and expanding your horizons. Below are some shots of Daily Cal staff members enjoying their own times abroad!
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