ASUC Transparency Campaign

As Berkeley’s newspaper of record, we here at The Daily Californian are committed to being open about how and why we cover the stories that we do. This video will give you an inside look at how the Daily Cal covered the ASUC elections this Spring.

The 2016 ASUC campaign season dies, will be missed

The 2016 ASUC campaign season came to an end Wednesday, April 6, at 11:59 p.m. The public portion of the season lasted about a month. It’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly the campaign season began to affect Berkeley students’ everyday lives. It began quietly, with Facebook friends changing their profile
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How to avoid campaigners on your walk to class

It’s campaign season. That means friend requests from random people, impersonal Facebook messages, awkward walks to class and even more flyers. Here are some tips for how to avoid just a few of these things. Walk in groups. There is power in numbers. You will find that when you walk
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Quiz: Who said it? ASUC campaigner or ________?

It’s ASUC election season, and seeing hordes of people holding large signs on Upper Sproul Plaza is commonplace for the next two weeks. We know there have been recurring things that you might be hearing from ASUC campaigners on and around campus, but we’ve decided to make these recurring things
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