‘A perfect breeding ground for COVID’: UC Berkeley residence halls enforce mask mandate, strive to prevent outbreaks

Photo of Blackwell Hall
Charlene Wang/Staff
As the flurry of student move-ins comes to an end, many are concerned about the potential for another COVID-19 outbreak. However, UC Berkeley administration has instituted guidelines and policies to ensure student safety and reduce the possibility of a superspreader.

Amid continued safety concerns, UC Berkeley enforced three COVID-19 related housing protocols as several thousand students moved in last week.
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Photo of young falcons

UC Berkeley’s peregrine falcon chicks determined to be male

On May 12, UC Berkeley’s three new peregrine falcons were all determined to be male during Banding Day. Each chick received one band from the national Bird Banding Laboratory with a unique nine-digit number, along with a four-digit visual identification band that allows people to more easily identify the birds from a distance. 
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The most joyous noise

When we return to campus, I intend to make the most of every class I take, regardless of how many times I have to read Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations.”
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Sister, sister

Cal in Color

Microaggressions — as my sister and I know — are frequent occurrences: At some point in the life of each student who’s a BIPOC, you endure this unfortunate fate.
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