Quiz: How well do you know your campus?

It’s no secret that our campus is pretty big. It’s 1,232 acres (which is, like, 947 football fields) of amazing, with 32 libraries and a plethora of other buildings. So it’d be pretty impressive if you could identify and locate places on campus based on a single photograph. Care to
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Racism in Berkeley never left

Urban Animal

“Kill the Mexicans!” my friend hollered as we watched a movie. Some of my housemates groaned. Others chuckled. I stayed quiet even though I’m Mexican American. We all continued watching the movie; it’s easy to shrug off discrimination when it’s not directly targeted at you. Where I used to live,
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An explosion here and bombs there

Tales of Two Cities

I was stuck in an elevator in Barrows for 88 minutes — and then there was a fireball on campus. It wasn’t as scary as it sounds, except for those two seconds in the elevator when I misunderstood the student worker who was helping us and thought she was informing us
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5 great running routes around Cal

The summer season is upon us, and that means there’s more time to take care of yourself — and a lot of us can’t use the excuse that we have to study when we’re trying to avoid exercise. The benefits of going out for a run once in a while
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Lawsuit criticizes university’s handling of alleged domestic abuse

A lawsuit filed May 16 against the UC Board of Regents and a UC Berkeley housing employee found fault with the university’s response to alleged reports of domestic abuse on university premises. The lawsuit was filed by the parents of 22-year-old UC Berkeley alumna Milanca Lopez and her 6-year-old son
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