UC Berkeley needs to fund, support mentorship for LGTBQ+ students

Three Cal students in a room with LGBTQ+ flags on the walls
Katrina Romulo/Staff

When both queer and trans adults and adolescents struggle to stay afloat, it’s time to deploy life-saving tools and tactics. Proactive mentorship should always be the first line of defense. UC Berkeley administrators must learn to prioritize mentorship programs for queer and trans students on campus before the tidal wave of queer and trans oppression takes us under.
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Survey done: Now it’s time to transform our campus climate

At last week’s campus climate symposium, students, staff and faculty gathered to discuss the state of the campus climate at UC Berkeley. Ostensibly, the campus climate survey was the impetus for the symposium. This survey had a few surprising — but mostly unsurprising — results. What was not surprising was
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Become the change we want to see

The reactions of the campus and Berkeley communities to the grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner show that these decisions deeply affect the moral sensibility, sense of justice and political activism of many of us and deservedly so.
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Who is harmed by the status quo?

Take the campus climate survey to improve the student experience

Walking along Sproul Plaza and knowing that you belong is a beautiful thing. I have seen how it lights up students, filling them with ebullient radiance. They feel at home and are happy to be here. There are thousands of people that pour through Sather Gate every day millions of
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