Toward a calmer campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Department of Education ruling offers a valuable look at campus climate and sets a calmer tone.

Over the last few years, many have leveled charges that UC Berkeley is a hostile environment for Jewish and politically pro-Israel students. In dismissing a July 2012 complaint filed against the campus originating with two former UC Berkeley students, the Department of Education concluded these charges are without merit and
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Chancellor Robert Birgeneau

CAMPUS ISSUES: As UC Berkeley prepares to welcome a new chancellor, students should respect the legacy that Chancellor Birgeneau leaves behind.

During Robert Birgeneau’s nearly nine years as the chancellor of UC Berkeley, he led the campus as it weathered an unprecedented challenge. While the state slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from the University of California’s budget, he fought to maintain the quality of education at this institution against all
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The divestment dilemma

CAMPUS ISSUES: The controversial divestment bill passed by the ASUC Senate this week should have been crafted in a more inclusive manner.

On Wednesday night, members of the UC Berkeley community continued a proud campus tradition of speaking out against injustice. People with diverse opinions about an ASUC Senate bill that calls for divestment from companies tied to human rights violations in Israel agreed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs resolution. Yet, in
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He was not just another statistic

In media, boy is trapped by his circumstances

It hurt my heart to learn about the shooting death of another young man in Oakland. It hurt even more when I realized I knew him: Tyler Jamison. The Feb. 12 Daily Cal article about a “Berkeley teenager shot in Oakland identified by police” deepened the pain. Instead of learning
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