Envisioning justice for students

Valentina Fung/Staff

For the most part, Cal students remain completely and blissfully detached from UC Berkeley’s conduct process and equally unaware of the many problems associated with its implementation. Yet for the fraction of students who find themselves accused of violating the code of conduct, the process immediately throws their college experience
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Honor code plaques are unneeded

CAMPUS ISSUES: The effort to install more than 400 plaques bearing campus’s honor code suggests students lack honesty, integrity and respect.

The campus honor code, which was implemented during the 2012-13 school year, is a good-faith attempt to emphasize the importance of honesty and integrity in academics and social life at UC Berkeley. But the installation of plaques bearing the honor code in more than 400 classrooms throughout campus is an
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Baby steps

CAMPUS ISSUES: Recent revisions to the student conduct process are useless if administrators keep treating it as a punitive process.

Student protesters expect a certain degree of punishment when they engage in civil disobedience on campus. After all, the peaceful violation of rules is an important part of some demonstration tactics. But that expectation, in years past, was accompanied by an often slow, inefficient and unfair student conduct process at
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Agenda for Feb. 1 ASUC Senate meeting

At the ASUC Senate’s second spring semester meeting Wednesday,  the newly hired student conduct independent hearing officer will address the senate, and a bill to support the Feb. 13 Day of Action to overturn Proposition 209 will be introduced. Chloe Hunt is the lead student government reporter.

UC Berkeley to implement revised code of student conduct

UC Berkeley officials announced Monday that a newly revised Campus Code of Student Conduct will go into effect Wednesday, completing more than a year of work to address concerns regarding the conduct process. Changes made in the revised code include a stricter timeline by which to resolve cases and the
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Revised student conduct code approved

A revised form of the UC Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct has been approved and will go into effect Feb. 1, the campus announced Monday. Changes to the code come after more than a year of review and were prompted at least in part by protests during the 2009-10
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Concerns arise in Code of Student Conduct revision

With the approval of final recommendations to revise the UC Berkeley Code of Student Conduct, more than eight months of work by a task force charged with developing the changes have come to a close, and plans to begin work on the recommendations have been set in motion, though there
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Student files grievance after being cleared of wrongdoing

Two months after a campus hearing panel cleared him of wrongdoing, a UC Berkeley graduate student who faced student conduct charges for his involvement in the November 2009 occupation of Wheeler Hall filed a formal grievance last week alleging discrimination on the basis of political belief and unfair application of
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