Illustration of police officers carrying backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags

Campus cannot just move homeless people

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: City, campus have to provide adequate options for homeless residents before evictions

As dissent rises between the residents of People’s Park and the campus, it is important to create viable solutions for Berkeley’s homeless community. 
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Comparing life at Clark Kerr with life at units

Housing at UC Berkeley can be overwhelming for newly admitted students. We at the Clog wish we’d had someone to break down all of UC Berkeley’s residence hall life options and tell us what life at each building would come to look like. So here’s a breakdown of myths our newly
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Is this real life?

Now that we at the Clog are emerging from our caffeine-fueled finals haze, switching our phones off airplane mode and unblocking distracting websites, we’re beginning to catch up on the things we missed during our study-induced hibernation. Here are just some of the recent events and realizations that have made us stop
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Solution to campus housing crisis is no solution at all

CAMPUS ISSUES: growing student housing crisis in Berkeley leads to extended housing at surrounding colleges for limited number of UC Berkeley students

In an effort to ease the strain of Berkeley’s housing crisis that will only be made worse by the incoming 750 extra students this fall, the campus recently announced a partnership with Mills College and Holy Names University to expand campus housing options. This student housing option, however, is miles
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