Culture shock at UC Berkeley

Cal in Color

Berkeley was never too far away from home, and even though I rarely visited, I didn’t think it would be that different from Oakland — but it was.
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La Ruta Puuc: El Yucatán

The first thing I tell my friends about visiting Cancún was that I had been there just days before Justin Bieber. I’m not sure why I choose to say this – Justin Bieber really isn’t a big deal to me – but I suppose it makes my otherwise predictable Mexico vacation somewhat more exciting.
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The different types of spring break planners

Spring break in college is alien territory. No, you are not required to break bread with your third cousins in a state you would never otherwise visit. No, touring potential colleges does not constitute an appropriate holiday anymore. And no, you are unfortunately no longer on your parents’ plumper budget.
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Spring break or spring broke?

Worlds Collide

Breaking the bank for a distorted idea of what “fun” should be or an unnecessary worry that I’m not enjoying my year abroad enough is something I now refuse to partake in.
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Berkeley restaurants showcase sustainability

The sustainability of food is something that weighs heavily on the minds of many Berkeley residents when they choose where to dine out. The term refers to food produced in a way that does not diminish its finite supply. What is most important in defining the scope of sustainability is
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