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While the semester is well underway at UC Berkeley with round two of midterms creeping up, in Sydney classes have barely begun. Although it may now only be week two for me, it’s all I’ve needed to notice how different the American and Australian systems are. Block schedules Everyone brags when
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How to find a last-minute summer internship

Has procrastination gotten the best of you? Are you freaking out because you haven’t found the perfect summer internship yet? Don’t worry. Your fellow classmates who already have five internships lined up since December may claim that it’s too late to look for any internships at this point, but there are still many opportunities available. If you’re willing to put in the time to write your cover letters, polish your resumes and seek out these opportunities, you can definitely still find a desirable internship.
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3 tips to get over a horrible schedule

Chances are, you’re nervous, stressed or just simply unhappy. But of course we know why: It’s Phase II. Now that you’ve heard all the tricks and tips, heard from the oracles, had your CCNs ready since April and have three backup plans, you’re probably more than well aware that you might
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