Photo of cat

Why I love having a cat

From mourning the death of my plants, to swatting him away from my workspace or putting myself through pain for his amusement and comfort, it’s no surprise that I’m a cat person.
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Conquering the orgasm

Sex on Tuesday

Though sex with and without an orgasm seem to be interchangeable, I assure you they are not. While sex without an orgasm can be enjoyed, the pleasure is dull, and can lead to a sense of disappointment that will fall onto your partner.
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Strangest pets to have in college

One of the hardest parts of going to college is leaving your pet behind. If you’re a pet lover, you probably miss your dog, cat, pigeon or squirrel at home and need to find something to fill the void their absence leaves in your life. After countless hours exploring apartments and residence
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Pros and cons of having a pet in college

For many people, one of the hardest parts about going away to college is leaving their beloved pets at home. UC Berkeley housing policy says that unless you have a service or emotional support pet, you can’t bring your pet to the dorms. But as soon as you’re out of the
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Pets that UC Berkeley students should have

If you’ve moved into your apartment, but still feel like something is missing, maybe you need a pet! We at the Clog have gone through and analyzed some possible choices for pets that can easily make you smile when you’re feeling stressed out about school. Before you get any sort of pet,
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