Slut forever

Sex on Tuesday

I don’t remember the names of half the people I’ve had sex with. I don’t give a single fuck about where they are or how they are doing. I don’t think about them ever, and quite frankly, I’ve lost count. I’m proud that, sexually, I know what I want, and
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A Catholic’s conundrum

Thanks to an abundance of crucifixion statues, we accustom ourselves to death early on, though our tiny bodies can’t yet comprehend the apex of human agony.
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The divine comedy

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m an atheist. I’m a total cliché of what the media makes the typical (moderately) liberal youngster out to be. My Sunday rituals consist of watching new episodes of “The Simpsons” and catching up on the previous week’s “Conan.” No church or bedtime prayers for me. I’ve
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Personal Essay: Catholi-schism

I‘ve decided it’s best for me not to get confirmed.”   I’ll never forget the face my grandmother made when those words drove their way out of me with a sheepish rasp. I was 16 years old when I revoked my membership from the Catholic Church in front of Uncle
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A Superstitious Father

My dad wouldn’t take “no” for an answer when the car rental clerk told him, “I’m sorry, sir, this is the only car we have available right now.” Even though I was 10, I could feel the tension between the two. He glared at the clerk and said he would
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Jesus’ potential main squeeze

Religiously Inclined

A tiny scrap of papyrus is creating quite the buzz lately. Last Tuesday,  Harvard Divinity School professor Karen King made public the text of this tentatively authentic fragment, which includes an alleged quote from Jesus saying the phrase “My wife …” followed by, “She will be able to be my disciple.”
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