Students with disabilities tout hybrid education, push for inclusion in administrative discourse

Photo of DSP Student Center
Can Jozef Saul/Staff
Many UC Berkeley students with disabilities shed light on their concerns and struggles with the in-person instruction. These students are pushing for a hybrid option and a voice in campus administrative decisions.

In a time of unknowns and uncertainties, many students with disabilities desire hybrid instruction, not as an accommodation, but rather as a matter of ensuring public health.
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Not on the same page

Those were my thoughts upon reading Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ message of Sept. 5. It came late on a Friday afternoon — one of those irritating, one-way messages that signs off in bold, “Please do not reply to this message,” thus clothing an imperative — “do not reply” — in the language of civility: “please.”
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Aquatics center sinks and does not swim

The pitfalls of proposed Cal aquatics center

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, The Daily Californian ran a story with the headline “Campus announces plans to construct new aquatics center.” It’s unclear from the story just when this announcement might be said to have taken place, since a public hearing on the proposal was held in Berkeley on
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