Snap out of Snapchat

Cal in Color

I’m long past caring about censorship only when it comes to Snapchat, but I’ve found a new appreciation for the ability to use social media as I wish.
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People working at the Daily Cal office

Help #SaveStudentNewsrooms for student journalists everywhere

NATIONAL ISSUES: Student publications everywhere are fighting the same fight while telling the stories no one else is telling. They deserve your support

On this day last year, student journalists across the nation banded together to condemn widespread budget contractions and censorship threats at student newspapers. One year later, we’re forced to do it again.
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Custom Screening: The vagina dialogue

It seems that everyone this week had something to say about the word “vagina.” Last Thursday, Republicans in the Michigan House of Representatives objected to State Representative Lisa Brown’s use of the word “vagina” during a debate about birth control, prompting a global debate about the word’s use. A week
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Greenlighting the blacklist


Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and indeed that fact alone is something to be thankful for. I certainly do not have to remind anyone of the gastronomical considerations — but because the holiday is centered on the enjoyment of the mass consumption of delicious food, our first reaction is
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A tale of two protests

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times at UC Berkeley. Like any other typical days, these two began with students sleepily strolling through Sproul, dodging endless obstacles of suit-clad solicitors, sanctimonious eccentrics and agitated activists. However, these two days were by no means typical. Rather,
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