Deworming children in sub-Saharan Africa produces long-term benefits, study finds

Photo of team helping to deworm children
Sylvie Moulin/Courtesy
Researchers found that children in Kenya who received more deworming treatment earned an hourly wage 13% higher than those who received less deworming treatment, and they were more likely as adults to work in nonagricultural fields and live in urban areas.

A study led by UC Berkeley researchers and published Aug. 3 found that deworming children in sub-Saharan Africa produces long-term benefits in adulthood.
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Campus interdisciplinary program brings innovative perspective to engineering doctoral students

This fall, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is offering an interdisciplinary program for doctoral students that prepares them to implement and evaluate technological solutions to problems faced by low-income economies. The program, Designated Emphasis in Development Engineering, allows students to work with faculty diverse departments including business, economics and public health.
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