Vaccination pop-up at Ed Roberts Campus prioritizes accessibility

Photo of Ed Roberts Campus
Momoka Sasaki/File
A temporary vaccination site was hosted at the Ed Roberts Campus from Feb. 22 to 26 to provide further aid for Berkeley community members. The mobile vaccine clinic distributed about 280 vaccines to individuals at the Center for Independent Living.

In an effort to provide aid to Berkeley community members unable to receive vaccine doses from mass vaccination sites, a mobile vaccine clinic was hosted last week at the Ed Roberts Campus, or ERC, for eligible groups to receive their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
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Disability activists honor life, legacy of Ed Roberts

Roberts, who had post-polio quadriplegia, decided to attend UC Berkeley in 1962 despite the fact that the campus had no accommodations for people with severe disabilities. His advocacy opened the school to more students with disabilities and created the Physically Disabled Student’s Program and then the Center for Independent Living.
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This is a map showing locations on campus that pose challenges to accessibility: Dwinelle Annex and Hall, Hearst Field Annex, East Asian Library, Faculty Glade, Hearst Mining Circle and Evans Hall.

Students with disabilities battle inaccessibility and isolation

The campus has expanded accessibility in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and requirements imposed after lawsuits. Barriers for students with physical disabilities, however, can often lie less in building plans, which are picked over for potential inaccessibility, than in barriers of the moment.
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