$15,000 ASUC website redesign is unnecessary

CAMPUS ISSUES: A proposed website redesign that would partner the ASUC with a private contractor is a misuse of funds

An ASUC Senate bill that would launch a $15,000 website redesign is a deeply misguided attempt to boost transparency and better serve students. On top of the inappropriate spending put forward in the bill, the selection of an outside contractor typifies a process that overlooked student talent on campus.
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Heed Cal Corps’ petition

CAMPUS ISSUES: As a public service center that provides integral contributions to campus life at UC Berkeley, Cal Corps deserves more funding.

When UC Berkeley leaders are considering how to dole out student fee money, they must evaluate the campus’s priorities. Included in that consideration should be funding groups that further the university’s mission, part of which is to give back to local communities and pursue public service efforts. Cal Corps fits
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