Opening up to change

Off the Beat

I had to open up to change by accepting that I am not tethered to my hometown, to the people from back then or to who I was before coming to college.
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Coming back from college: Dealing with our changing homes

I remember the first time I returned home during the holiday break of my freshman year. After my mom picked me up from the airport and we drove through the quiet streets of my suburb, my eyes soaked in the monotonous qualities of my hometown that I had bemoaned. There
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With wide eyes

Trial and error

Let me set the scene: I am a sophomore with wide eyes, a worried soul and little to no progress on my African American Studies final paper.
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Photo Essay: Portraits of UC Berkeley students

Nicholas Alexander  –If you could change one thing about Berkeley what would it be? “The hyperliberals. I’m a liberal myself, don’t get me wrong. I’m down for socialism; I’m down for a safety net for those who need it. But I’m not down for this ultrasenstitive, politically correct, microaggressive culture.
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