‘A great honor’: George Kieffer, Charlene Zettel reflect on terms as UC regents

Image of UC Regents Meeting
Josh Jordan/File
George Kieffer and Charlene Zettel served on the UC Board of Regents for 12 years prior to retiring in March. They began their terms amid the 2008 financial crisis.

Beginning their terms as the UC system emerged from the financial crisis of 2008 and ending amid a pandemic, George Kieffer and Charlene Zettel retired from the UC Board of Regents in March after a 12-year career.
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Task force recommends sustainable investment to UC Regents

The UC Task Force on Sustainable Investing presented its recommendations Friday to the UC Board of Regents’ Committee on Investments, advocating that the university’s investment portfolio reflect environmental concerns while minimizing explicit discussion of divestment from fossil fuel companies.
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