‘Anything will help’: Cheese n’ Stuff reopens but misses student customers

Roast beef sandwich at Berkeley sandwich shop Cheese n' Stuff
Eunice Choi/File
Cheese n' Stuff, a sandwich shop that has been part of the Berkeley community for more than 30 years, has seen a large decline in business due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before March, local restaurant and sandwich shop Cheese n’ Stuff was a “zoo” making upward of 500 sandwiches daily for its loyal customers. Now, the once lively shop is barely making 50 sandwiches a day and is missing its usual rush of hungry students.
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What your sandwich spot says about you

Berkeley is home to a healthy number of fine sandwich establishments. Whether you’re a Cheese ‘N’ Stuff or a Montague’s kind of person is telling about much deeper aspects of your character. Read on to see what your favorite local sandwich spot says about you. Ramona’s You probably have a
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Montague’s vs. Cheese ‘n’ Stuff

Though Cheese ‘n’ Stuff has been gracing our Berkeley community with delicious subs for more than a quarter decade, a new sandwich shop entered the Berkeley food scene a few years ago: Montague’s Gourmet Sandwiches. Though each shop’s sandwiches are certainly distinctive from each other, both are close to campus,
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Five meals that you can get for about $5

Despite the tremendous diversity in Cal’s student body, the “broke, starving college student” stereotype is a #struggle for most of us. Unfortunately, finding large amounts of filling, yummy food for less than $7 to $8 can be the biggest struggle of all. For that reason, we decided to try to help
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