March Madness of Musicals

“Cabaret” would fail to ride the wave of its surprise win, losing out to the old “razzle dazzle” of 2002 Best Picture winner “Chicago” as Rob Marshall’s tale of merry murderesses made its way to the Final Four.
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Training myself for the future

Off the Beat

It’s not that the train ride provided me with the answers to some of life’s biggest questions, but I do believe that it lessened the burden of those questions. Sitting on a train for days and being forced to become comfortable with just watching the movement of the world outside calmed me down.
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The climate of change

On the Mark

“There should be a regular column on climate change, like there is a sports section,” my friend commented on one of my recent social media posts. The post generated a lot of debate among my friends. I compared people’s resistance to criticism of their personal acts of environmental degradation to
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