Why I love food

Create to Connect

For me, food is so much more than nutrition that fuels my body. Food is sensuality, it’s home and belonging, it’s community and gratitude, it’s textures and play.
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Unhinged sex goon

It was cool at the time

Somehow, for every five BuzzFeed quiz results that are comically off, there will be one result that fits you a little too well.
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Worst places to be during an earthquake

Unless seismologists are just pulling a big scam to make us think their jobs are important, experts say California is overdue for a sizable earthquake. Where we’ll be during that earthquake is ultimately left to chance. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a sturdy desk or table to curl under. But
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Lunch spots near campus

Here at Eating Berkeley, we’re all about saving money while getting the best quality and quantity possible, which is why we’ve decided to share some of our favorite spots with our readers.
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Famous Bao lives up to hype

Famous Bao is a Chinese restaurant that has grown pretty popular in its short life span. We at the Clog decided to take a look and see if the food was worth the crowd. We arrived right after noon, the prime time for when classes end and students are out
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Chinese food for thought

Somewhere on Shattuck Avenue, there is a sign that haunted me for nearly an entire summer. “CHINESE GOURMET FOOD,” it advertises. The phrase evokes the same feeling I get a couple of days before a midterm or when I’ve held in my pee so long that I’m at the point
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