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Guide to taking DeCals

With the unpredictability and glitches that accompany signing up for classes via CalCentral, you often find yourself scrambling to find classes that will fulfill your mandatory 13 units per semester (12 for those of you in the College of Engineering and College of Environmental Design). You don’t want to sign up
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Don’t haze me bro: Tele-BEARS dysfunction

Here at UC Berkeley, we enjoy a classic tough luck attitude and a unique grit that makes us such a rare breed. The recently retired Tele-BEARS — the notoriously dysfunctional, hellish, mental breakdown inducing, destabilizing and dehumanizing class signup system introduced to us as high school graduates — took on
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Help: My mom did my Tele-BEARS!

The following is the story of a student whose Tele-BEARS was given a makeover — and a maternal one at that. We at the Clog hope you take a life lesson away from this story. Worry not about the classes you have this fall, because at least it wasn’t your mother who picked them! Golly
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