UC lab creates artificial intelligence to identify online conspiracy theorizing

Photo of Rallygoers at a Donald J. Trump for President rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Tony Webster/File

The UC’s Cultural Analytics Lab has developed artificial intelligence, or AI, that identifies when online conversations reflect conspiracy theorizing.
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The Throwback Thursday you need

Millenial Meltdown

Instead of excavating through the reserves of childhood photos and late-90s Polaroids (I think it was 1999 when Congress passed the Polaroids Are Cool Again Act) on my computer for a suitable Throwback Thursday Instagram, I thought I would go one step further. I went to see a movie. In IMAX.
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Ugly Americans

The Discomfort Zone

This past winter break, I went back to Israel. As I have lived there intermittently over the past few years, the trip served as a way to reconnect with family, friends and a place that has held many meaningful experiences for me. The trip was composed of a few families
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